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The fishing was fantastic!  Steve is probably one of the best guides in BC.
He consistently takes you to where the hogs are.
Joe Pecoaro
Gig Harbor Chapter, PSA

We caught so many fish, it was like catching them in my sleep.
It was a dream come true.
Ed Chandler
Gig Harbor Chapter, PSA

Steve has the best boat in the marina.
It was very spacious, with easy limits on the big Chinook.
Dave Severeid
Gig Harbor Chapter, PSA

More bragging!

What a catch!
Ken & Wayne Warner from Alberta

What a day!
SeaWind Fishing AdventuresWhat a day!

Another great day with SeaWind!
SeaWind Fishing AdventuresSteve and Don and Mayzel Chamberlain from Calgary

A day they won't soon forget!
SeaWind Fishing AdventuresSteve Arnett and Don and Mayzel Chamberlain from Calgary

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